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Software Design Working for You.

While Select{e}Annuity supports the intensive work of product design, due diligence, shelf management, and compliance, it is equally flexible in customizing and packaging for client-facing efforts. Subscribing insurance companies and distributors can expect Select{e}Annuity to modify its design and user experience to:

1. Match analysis to advisor sophistication and preferences

2. Customize analysis to resonate with clients

3. Package and brand the dashboard, search factors, investment objectives, and workflow

4. Integrate with back-office systems and trading for straight-through processing


High-End Design in Action.

Developing an analytical platform that lifts FIA/RILA complexity into digestible and clear knowledge is more than data and computer power.

Select{e}Annuity created a user experience unlike any investment platform in the industry. Sure, there are charts and graphs, but these information packets and visualization elements work only if presented in the decision-making context: “What’s the best FIA/RILA for a particular need and targeting a particular investment objective?”

Intelligent software architecture merges the data with the visual and streamlines workflows with smart algorithms. These algorithms operate in the background and deliver packaged insights.

Here are several design elements that we’d like to point out to you as evidence of Select{e}Annuity’s superiority (and to pat ourselves on the back along the way!)

Customize and Package

Select{e}Annuity’s analytical functions allow you to customize them for your specific purposes. When you finalize your method, you can save it, brand it, and package it for one-button access.

This customization allows you to have proprietary content, and it can be done at different levels in your organization. For example, the firm may have a standard set of models or investment objectives for all advisors. At the regional or local level, additional packaging can be provided to just those advisors in the area.

Packaged Workflows

You process the information most important to you in a single workflow. This workflow has all the needed elements in one visual frame with the action steps easily accessed. In the few seconds for processing, you get your answers in a smart table below your decision framework.


When you have a lot of information in front of you, Select{e}Annuity gives you quick visualization of relative strength and weakness. For example, in a results table: green is a 1st quartile rank; blue is the 2nd quartile; amber is the 3rd quartile; red is the 4th quartile. You can quickly find what you want without staring at a lot of numbers.

Working in Teams

Managing complex products like FIAs/RILAs is a team effort from product designers to compliance to wholesaling to reps/advisors. You can share your work in work groups, and these can be horizontal, hierarchical, or a combination. The key is to get to the right decision effectively with all key constituencies equally informed.

Choose Dark or Light Themes

Select{e}Annuity will be your go-to platform for a wide variety of decision-making and analytical needs. Each user can toggle back and forth between a light or dark theme according to his or her preference.

Taking High-End Design Anywhere.